Dear Delta- Lab Days

Welcome to the first edition of our advice and feature column.

Dear Delta,

Are they really getting rid of lab days? I really don’t want them to 😦



From what I know, the staff isn’t seriously considering it yet. I know that it is a possibility should the attendance problem stay, but as of right now, no we are not getting rid of lab days. The staff is kind of in a tough spot right now because we are losing a lot of money when people don’t sign in to class, and this is happening a lot during lab days. One of the options they are considering to fix this is getting rid of lab days, but they don’t actually want to. A couple ways to make certain that this doesn’t happen…

    • Honestly that’s almost all you have to do. Make sure you and your friends follow their lab coats and go to your classes. Don’t forget to sign in!
  • Follow your Lab Coat
    • I can definitely understand why you would want to change it in the middle of the day, to do some last minute collaborations or something, but just try to figure that out in the morning before getting it signed off.
    • Teachers and staff need you to sign into where you said you would be so that they can get an accurate count of the students
  • Come up with an alternative plan
    • Staff needs a way to make sure people sign in. If you can come up with a plan that will help students sign in during lab days, then present that to the staff. They might implement that instead of getting rid of lab days.

Just remember that the staff doesn’t want to get rid of lab days either, so if we all work together to make sure everyone’s getting signed in to their classes, and we won’t need to get rid of our lab days.

Yours truly,            


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