Dear Delta – Grade Divisions

Dear Delta,

Is there a gap between the grades at Like do freshmen, sophomores, and juniors not interact with each other enough?

-Concerned Student


The community at is pretty connected , but it’s true that there are students that don’t talk to many people outside of their grades or classes. While this may be a  comfortable balance for some students, could definitely benefit from more people getting to know other grades. Although this might sound outside your comfort zone, it might be worth it to have a new friend. If you’re wondering about how to take the first step, here’s a couple ways to start talking to someone new:

  • Just go talk to someone
    • I know that sometimes it’s scary to go up to a student that you don’t really know, but almost everyone at is super nice, and probably won’t eat you. (we can’t say for sure)
  • Join a club or sports team
    • A lot of these have more than one grade level. And they actually make you talk to or work with other people, so this is a great  way to start meeting other people.
  • Come up with an activity day for all students
    • Staff are always open to new ideas regarding this issue. If you can come up with a plan that will help students get to know other grade levels, don’t hesitate to  present your idea to the staff. They will most likely be happy to work with you to bring your idea to life. .

Just keep in mind that most students are open and want to get to know you. I do think that this problem can be eliminated if we all work together to bring unity to our community.

Yours truly,             


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