The Law of Attraction: What is it?

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The pseudoscience of the universal law of attraction, also known as the art of manifestation, is a concept that uses one’s personal thoughts to affect the outcome that one receives. It is believed that through focusing on positive thinking, people can attract what they wish in their lives. On the other hand, negativity can drive away one’s desires and work against their favor.

The law of attraction is said to work using a variety of different concepts. While positive thinking plays a huge role in this idea, there are several other components that help strengthen one’s ability to apply the law of attraction in their own lives. In order for someone to manifest their dreams, a big part of this concept means that one has to have complete belief that they are capable of reaching their goals. A practicer of the law of attraction method, Phil Drolet, had been pushing to get thirty applicants for a new online course he created. He claims that through believing that he could achieve this dream and applying other concepts of the law of attraction, the universe granted out his wish and got him the applicants he was hoping for.

Another big part of the law of attraction is visualization. People who practice this concept use visualization to see what they can imagine their life will be like when they achieve their goals. On top of that, there are variants of this idea, including multi-perspective and multi-sensory visualization. With multi-perspective, it forces the person who is looking to manifest their dreams to step into someone else’s shoes and look at themselves through someone else’s eyes. Multi-sensory uses the idea of visualization but adds senses beyond sight, such as smell and taste. These concepts can help strengthen one’s belief in their goals, making it easier for them to bring those dreams into reality.

With the concept of the law of attraction being based entirely on a belief, it takes someone who really trusts this idea to utilize it. The universe itself is still widely undiscovered and it’s effects on people’s lives is widely based off of personal opinions. Whether the law of attraction is a myth or a working concept is up to each individual. There are so many ways to reach one’s hopes and dreams and the law of attraction is just one of the many different ways people use to reach their goals.


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