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The delta is design tech high’s STEAM magazine. Delta means change symbolizing how science, technology, art, and our world are constantly changing. Embracing that concept, our magazine centers its content around the whys, hows, and whats of the world. From random fun facts to deep dives about worldly concepts, we do it all to entertain your curiosity.


Editor in Chief: Meghna Gaddam

Editing Team: Sofya Shatalova, Candace Tsai, Joelene Latief, Maxine Zigmond-Ramm

Business Team: Alexa Novaes Nichols, Maria McAlister-Young, Lauren Smith

Staff Writers: Julia Wang, Roshni Jariwala, Amy Natarajan, Jadene Auerbach, Ryan Harsono, Vani Suresh, Emily Hom

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